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Checking printer connectivity

  • Once opened,select the connection method – ie USB.

If your printer is recognised, you will see it appear in the USB PRINTER SELECTION:

At this point you can be sure your computer is successfully connecting to the printer.

If it does not appear:
-try disconnecting the USB cable and reattaching it.
-Use another port
-Or, try the same test again on another PC. 

If the Support Utility fails to see the connected printer at all, please contact Technical Support.

For Testing a networked printer the video in this solution will be useful.

The Support Utility also allows further diagnostics to be performed should it be necessary. The important thing is that you see your printer details appear as above.

This shows that the printer is recognised and working correctly. 

Should there be any other issues they will likely be driver related with many possible reasons.  Try removing all previous driver versions from Programs & Features, disconnect the printer, restart the PC and then install the latest driver version.