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Checking printer connectivity

Download and install the ID Card Printer Support Utility.

ID Card Printer Support Utility

With the Support Utility now open select the connection method – ie USB.

– If your printer is recognised it will show the serial number and other printer information.

– At this point you can be sure your computer is successfully connecting to the printer, just by the fact that the Support Utility has connected.

Should there be any other issues they will likely be driver related with other possible causes.
Try removing all previous driver versions from Programs & Features, disconnect the printer, restart the PC and then install the latest driver version:

Magicard Printer Driver

If your printer does not appear / connect:

– Try disconnecting the USB cable and reattaching it.

– Use another USB port

– Or try the same test again on another PC.

If the Support Utility fails to see the connected printer at all you may need to contact your original supplier or Magicard Technical Support for assistance:

You can check your printers warranty status by entering your serial number on the support home page, here:


If your printer is still in warranty please contact Technical Support.

If your warranty has expired then we can still help and you can check which products are still available for Magicard Out of Warranty Repairs here.

You may also find your original supplier can assist you if they are more local to you – either with repair or replacement.


In most cases it would be beneficial to provide us a Printer Query File when you contact Support, either attached to your web case or emailed to us, this will save us asking and speed up our support to you:

Query File