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New DTC Printer Firmware Update Released
New firmware has been released for the following direct to card printer models on 31st of January 2017. Magicard Pronto -  v3.27 Magicard Enduro+ - v7.36 Magicard Enduro3e - v7.36 Mag...
See moreFrom 03 Jul 2018
New Magicard Printer Driver Released V2.0.34
New universal printer drivers V2.0.34 for Windows have been released for the following printer models: Magicard Pronto Magicard Enduro+ Magicard Enduro3e Magicard Rio Pro Magicard Rio...
See moreFrom 18 Jun 2018
New Printer Drivers Released - Mac OS-X
The latest version 1.0.15 of Mac compatible drivers have been release for Magicard printers. https://support.magicard.com/solution/mac-osx-printer-driver/
See moreFrom 23 Nov 2017
New Prima 4 Driver release
The latest driver for the Prima 4 printer models 9.0 is available to download - 14th December 2016 http://support.magicard.com/solution/prima-4-driver/
See moreFrom 14 Dec 2016

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