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How to use the Support Site and ask for help



Support articles for your specific printer can be found by entering your printer serial number on the homepage, or you can browse via Product using the images on the homepage.

The solutions can then be searched by typing key words into the search bar (minimum 3 characters to start the search, ie ‘Fir’ will find Firmware).  You can also browse categories on the left side pane or just scroll down the list of all solutions looking for one that fits your question.

The solutions will link to others where relevant and often link to our YouTube channel too.



If you didn’t find the answer or you are still in need of assistance:

The best way to seek help:

  1. Create your Magicard Support Account.
  2. Register your printer if not already registered. *
  3. Raise a New Support Case.
    Your query will be in our queue immediately and a member of the team in your region will respond as soon as they are able.
    When we reply by adding a case note you will be notified by email to log back into your support account to see the note.


* If your printer was already registered via the register your printer page then you can also very easily setup your Support Account using the same email as used in the registration form.

  1. Simply use the Lost Password Link and enter the same email used upon registration.
  2. We will send you a verification email with a new link to reset your password.
  3. Done 🙂


Thank you,
Your Magicard Global Support Team.