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TeamViewer Remote Help

Click your Operating System image below to begin the downloading our Magicard Quick Support file directly from the TeamViewer website.






Example install on Mac OS, Chrome browser

A PC will be the same process as this Mac OS example.

After clicking the link above the download will automatically begin.
– the download is on the bottom left corner:

Once downloaded click the file to extract the TeamViewer file – this will be in your downloads folder:
Click the TeamViewer file to install.
It will load and verify – this may take a minute or so… Then choose to Open when prompted:
Then the app will open, it may be behind another window! Command-Tab to find it…
You will need to accept the end user licence agreement to Continue:
And accept the Magicard Ltd Disclaimer – as written at the bottom of this page too:
You will now be shown your ID and Password to provide to your Magicard Support Engineer:


Before requesting remote access to your PC, the support engineer will discuss the problem you are experiencing and will explain what actions are being taken.

You retain full control of your PC at all times during the remote help session

You can end the session at any time

You should remain at your PC for the duration of the remote help session

The nature of the problem and solution(s) may depend on your system and other variables unknown to the support engineer

Assistance is provided only as a convenience to end users of Magicard™ products.
The user agrees that actions and solutions implemented by the Magicard™ support engineer are entirely at the user’s own risk.
Remote support is provided without warranties of any kind.
Magicard™ or its employees will not be liable for any direct, indirect, or other damages, loss, cost or liability whatsoever that result from, or are related to the remote help session provided by Magicard™