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Magicard Windows Printer Driver


This is the latest Windows Unified Driver for the full range of Magicard printers, including Secure and Xtended models and variants.

Magicard Printer Driver: v2.7.1.600
Release Date: 16/03/2022


Compatible Operating Systems:

Windows 7 , 10 , 11

32bit & 64bit operating systems

Windows server 2012 to 2022

Note: For the web-downloadable Driver to successfully install you will require local administrator rights and full read / write access to the PC’s local drive.
Installation with a restricted user account could result in errors.   (an alternative Bare Driver Files installation method (not using MSI installer) can be found here)


Rio 2e / Tango 2e /Tango+L | Driver support is still retained for these printers, though the printers themselves are obsolete.


Printer model no longer supported?

Legacy Driver Links:

Avalon E (with an E in the serial number)   Printer Driver v1.7.2

Avalon (without an E in the serial number) Printer Driver v1.00

Rio 2 / Tango 2 (not 2E) Printer Driver v6.02


Looking for a different Driver OS?