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Soak Test

  • Before running the Soak Test, please ensure Firmware & Driver are updated
  • Important: Also ensure all rollers are perfectly clean.  Especially the main print roller – please see this cleaning video for more info before running the Soak Test

  • Note: This routine is only for Rio Pro printer variants


Follow the instructions Exactly:
  • Remove the Dye Film and close the lid, the printer will initialise
  • Load one (1) card only into the rear hopper
  • Press & hold MENU until the options change
  • Choose > Soak Test > Soak Printer

The printer will initialise again and then show 'calibrating' on the display (*depending on printer age, if its an older model you wont see this), then it will feed in the single card and transport it back and forth.

Soak Test will run for about 10 minutes and ends by ejecting the blank card, this means your printer is fine. Now Reload your film and print again to test..

If any errors are raised during the Soak Test please contact Technical Support.

What does it do?

The soak test test will run certain calibrations for different aspects of your printer (*some depending on the age of the printer). It will also test each card sensor within, and calibrate the dye film take up motor (hence no film fitted).

By running the soak test, the printer's method of detecting the colour film panels* is calibrated. – for example if you experienced Error 11:00

It would be beneficial to provide us a Printer Query File when you contact Support, either attached to your web case, or emailed to us: