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Pronto Electronics

Some Pronto printers may have a different version of Magicard Electronics.  MK1 or MK2.

MK1 refers to our original 1st generation electronics package as installed in the original Pronto, Enduro and Rio Pro printers.

MK2 describes our 2nd generation electronics package which has been installed from the Rio Pro 360 onwards.



Following the global pandemic and the resulting global shortage of electronic parts having the impact it has on all industries, our forecasting showed a risk of running out of some components used in the MK1 package.


To ensure we continue to meet demand for our customers a small selection of Pronto have been configured with our MK2 electronics package, which was not effected by the global procurement issues.



How can I check if I have a MK1 or Mk2 Pronto?

The simplest check is the serial number itself, described below.
Also, the base label and the the provided power supply (assuming the correct PSU is with your Pronto) will help to inform you which electronics package is installed.



If your Pronto serial number contains a letter, in this format:   12F1234
This printer’s electronics will be MK1.

The base label will be either moulded text with a small serial number sticker (black text on a white sticker), or it could have a silver base label.

If it has a silver base label it will NOT state any ‘MK1 or MK2’ version at all (in the top left hand corner).

The base label will also state the printers required Input: 24v DC 2.5A


The correct power supply for this Pronto is the 60w unit (Output 24v DC 2.5A), with a white tag:


The correct Firmware for this MK1 Printer is linked here:  MK1 Pronto Firmware

And for diagnostics it can use the ID Card Printer Support Utility.


If your Pronto serial number does NOT contain a letter and is formatted as 8 digits only, like this: 12345678

Then your Pronto has been manufactured with our MK2 electronics package

You can also check the silver Base Label for the things listed below which are highlighted green in the following image for your reference:

  • – “MK2” written in the top left-hand corner.
  • – The 8 digit serial number, with no letter.
  • – Also the power input rating – Recieved from the correct 90w power supply noted below (Output 24v DC 3.75A).

The correct power supply for this Pronto is the 90w unit (Output 24v DC 3.75A), with a yellow tag:

The correct Firmware for this MK2 Pronto can be found here: MK2 Pronto Firmware


The MK2 pronto cannot operate via the ID Card Printer Support Utility.

For diagnostics, instead please navigate to:
Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Right click your Pronto icon > Printer Properties > Then the Tools Tab for useful diagnostic tools.