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Written By Alan Maxwell

This is the latest Pronto firmware for all series printer models and all variants.

  • Version: V3.42
  • Release date: 14/07/2022

For full details, please read the change log.

⚠️ Firmware Compatibility Check

Some Pronto printers may have a different version of Magicard Electronics.

You can read an explanation of this here, but basically:

If your Pronto serial number contains a letter, in this format:  12F1234
This printer electronics can be referred to as MK1.

This page contains the correct firmware for your MK1 Pronto ✅

If your Pronto serial number does NOT contain a letter and is formatted as 8 digits only, like this:  12345678
(You can also check the Pronto Base Label for “MK2” written in the top left-hand corner of the silver base label. Also 90w marked for the Power Supply)

Then please follow the link below to download the correct MK2 firmware (system software) for the different electronics package installed in your Pronto:
MK2 Electronics Firmware Page

Don’t worry if you sent an incorrect firmware file to your printer, it will just be ignored.

Installation Instructions

.EXE (executable)

Use only if your printer is connected by USB.
– Download and run the executable file (.exe).
– Follow the on-screen instructions.

.PRN (print to file)

Suitable for USB or Ethernet connections.
– Download (save) the PRN file.
– Send to the printer via;
– Printer Properties -> Tools -> Print *.PRN -> (browse to the PRN file) -> Print

.CFQ (binary)

Suitable for USB or Ethernet connections.
– Download (save) the .CFQ file.
– Send to the printer via the ID Card Printer Support Utility (Firmware Upgrade tab)

Downloads and attachments

Pronto Firmware V3.42 (.EXE)
  • File name: pronto_firmware_v3.42.exe
  • File size: 869.5 KB
  • File type: application/x-msdownload

14th Jul 2022

Pronto Firmware V3.42 (.PRN)
  • File name: pronto_firmware_v3.42.prn
  • File size: 483.45 KB
  • File type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=utf-8

14th Jul 2022

Pronto Firmware V3.42 (.CFQ)
  • File name: pronto_firmware_v3.42.cfq
  • File size: 483.43 KB
  • File type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=utf-8

14th Jul 2022

Change Log V3.42
  • File name: pronto_firmware_v3.42_changelog.txt
  • File size: 22.71 KB
  • File type: text/plain

14th Jul 2022

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