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Pronto Firmware

This is the latest firmware for all Pronto series printer models and all variants.

Version: V3.42
Release date: 14/07/2022

For full details, please read the change log.

⚠️ Firmware Compatibility Check

Some Pronto printers may have a different version of Magicard Electronics.

You can read an explanation of this here, but basically:

If your Pronto serial number contains a letter, in this format:  12F1234
This printer electronics can be referred to as MK1.

This page contains the correct firmware for your MK1 Pronto ✅


If your Pronto serial number does NOT contain a letter and is formatted as 8 digits only, like this:  12345678
(You can also check the Pronto Base Label for “MK2” written in the top left-hand corner of the silver base label. Also 90w marked for the Power Supply)

⚠️ Then please follow the link below to download the correct MK2 firmware (system software) for the different electronics package installed in your Pronto:
MK2 Electronics Firmware Page

🤭Don’t worry if you sent an incorrect firmware file to your printer, it will just be ignored.

Installation Instructions

.EXE (executable)

Use only if your printer is connected by USB.
– Download and run the executable file (.exe).
– Follow the on-screen instructions.


.PRN (print to file)

Suitable for USB or Ethernet connections.
– Download (save) the PRN file.
– Send to the printer via;
– Printer Properties -> Tools -> Print *.PRN -> (browse to the PRN file) -> Print


.CFQ (binary)

Suitable for USB or Ethernet connections.
– Download (save) the .CFQ file.
– Send to the printer via the ID Card Printer Support Utility (Firmware Upgrade tab)