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Latest Firmware

This is the latest firmware (system software) for the Rio Pro 360, Magicard 600 & Magicard 300, D & K and Pronto 100 printers (inc all variants)

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This is also the correct firmware for ‘Pronto’ where the serial number is 8 digits only (12345678), containing no letters,
and “MK2” is written in the top left-hand corner of the silver base label. (More information on this page)

If your Pronto has a letter in the serial number (12F1234) please follow This Link.


You can check the current version from your printers Menu > More > Software info.
(Technically speaking this an update to the printer’s System Software, rather than a firmware update.
As such the .PRN file below needs to be downloaded and sent to the printer via the Tools Tab within Printer Properties.)

Update Procedure

Download the .prn file from below

  1. Control Panel > View Devices and Printers.
  2. Right click on the printer icon.
  3. Select Printer Properties.
    360 600 Printer Properties Image
  4. in Tools Tab > Print PRN section.
    Browse to the downloaded .prn file (from below) and select it.
  5. Then click PRINT to send the update to the printer:
    360 600 Print PRN Image

👀 The printer will receive the .PRN file and after a short time will display: ‘UPDATING’


Once the update is complete the printer will reboot itself.

You have successfully updated the printer’s system software and you can confirm the version from:  Menu > More > Software info.