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Print to File

To obtain a Print-to-file (aka .PRN)

Some applications (like MS Word) show a Printe to File option in the printers list… otherwise follow the steps below:

  • Control Panel
  • View Devices and Printers
  • Right click the printers icon
  • Choose Printer Properties
  • Ports Tab
  • *Note the current port as you will have to set this back afterwards
  • Change the port to FILE  (tick the box)
  • Click: Apply
  • Print the job from your application as normal
  • In the output dialog (depending on application) enter the full path for where you wish to save the file, you must include extension .prn.  (Example Path: C:UsersusernameDesktopfilename.prn)
  • Change the port back as noted above
The .prn can be used by Technical Support to see the exact info which is sent to be printed.