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Installing Fonts into Trust ID v3


 MARCH 2018

Trust ID (v3) has now been deprecated
Magicard commit to supporting all current end users of TrustID (v3) for a period of two years following this end of life announcement.

Installing Fonts into Trust ID

Windows 10 1809 changed the way Windows handle fonts so users can install them without administrative privileges.
If it is a version prior to 1809, then adding fonts as you would on Windows 7 will work. 

With Trust ID v3 For Windows 10 1809 and later you have to install fonts using the right-click “Install for all users” option which does require administrative privileges.


This puts the font file in the legacy spot in C:\Windows and not in the user’s profile as it does on 1809 and later and you will now see your font within Trust ID v3.