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Duplex printing is grayed out in driver settings

Double sided duplex printing is only availible on “duo” models of Magicard printer, if you have a duo model but this options is still unavailible follow these steps.

  • Update to the latest Driver and Firmware versions via the Drivers & Downloads section
  • Check the LCD screen displays DUO
If not
  • Remove dye film and Holokote Key [if fitted] and Power cycle the printer
  • Does DUO display now? If not, you can log a support case for assistance
If it does display  DUO
  • Right click and remove the printer from devices and printers
  • Unplug the power
  • Swap the usb lead to a different port on the computer
  • Power lead back in…
This should shortly create a new instance of the printer and coms should be restored.