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Duplex printing is grayed out in driver settings

Double sided duplex printing is only available on “duo” models of Magicard printer, if you have a duo model but this options is still unavailable follow these steps.

Update to the latest Driver and Firmware versions via the Drivers & Downloads section

Check the LCD screen displays DUO

If the LCD does display DUO:

Power off the printer.
Go to control panel> devices and printers and remove all Magicard icons.
Then reboot the pc.
Once back up power on the printer.
Wait a couple of minutes and in Devices and printers should be a new Magicard icon.
Right click that icon and select Printing preferences. On the printer tab set it to both sides ( this should not be greyed out anymore)
Then set your color formats on the card front tab and card back tab.
Try printing again

If the display does not say DUO:

Remove dye film and Holokote Key [if fitted] and Power cycle the printer

Does DUO display now? If not, you can log a support case for assistance