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Print Duo (Both Sides)

If your Magicard Printer Model is ‘Duo Enabled’ you will be able to select Both Sides from within Printing Preferences.

Control Panel > View Devices and Printers > Right click your printers icon > Printing Preferences

In the ‘Printer’ Tab of the driver preferences:

– A Duo enabled printer will allow you to select both sides.

– If your printer is Not Duo enabled the duplex printing option will be greyed out as per the screenshot below:




How do I know if my printer is ‘Duo Enabled’?

Power the printer on and when it has initialised the Display will contain the word: DUO



Not Duo:


You can also confirm this on the printers manufacturer label on its base:


My printer is Duo but the duplex option is greyed out in Printing Preferences?

This could be a sign that the driver has lost communication to the printer and could be the result of a number of causes.

  1. Please power the printer off
  2. Power the PC off
  3. Restart the PC
  4. Restart the printer when the PC is fully rebooted and is not performing any updates.
  5. When both are rebooted navigate back to Printing Preferences and on the ‘Printer’ tab click on Printer Status:

You should then see a green banner across the top showing: Printer Connected.

If this is Not connected please contact Technical Support.