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Magicard Ultima Firmware

Ultima firmware version 1.11 (19-11-19)

To manually update the firmware for the Magicard Ultima you will need to download both the and the Ultima reverse transfer printer support tool.

 To update your printer firmware.

  1. Download the (you do not need to extract the file)
  2. Download and install the support tool.
  3. Open the support tool and under the (connection) tab select either USB or Ethernet then press the (connect) button.
  4. Next under the (Upgrade) tab navigate to the section (Upgrade printer firmware package) and browse and select the
  5. Press the (Upgrade) button to begin upgrading your printer’s firmware.
  6. The screen on your printer will show the printer upgrading and will power itself down once completed. 
  7. Finally power your printer back on to complete the process.