Jam Turnover 91 on Prima 4 & Prima 8

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Written By john.fieldsend

Jam Turnover 91 is seen immediately at power on.

Sometimes after a Card Jam Error the Turnover Module inside the printer can be in a position which cannot be initialised automatically.

  1. Ensure the Prima 4 is powered Off and any cards have been removed.
  2. Locate one of the jog wheels and attach to the end of the Rotation Shaft (left of the cleaning cassette adjacent to a black warning label)
  3. Gently rotate the jog wheel until the point which has the scored line is horizontal and pointing to the right of the machine (viewed from the front)  – the 3 o’clock position.  See the example below.

 ⚠️ Under no circumstances force the rotation unit!

If you feel resistance then a card is jammed inside.

Continuing to force rotation will break the flipper and become an extremely expensive repair.

Rotate the jog dial so its line is pointing to 3 O’Clock 🕒 / to the right & horizontal.

Jam Turnover 91

Then power the printer back on.  The error should be resolved and the printer will initialise to ‘Ready’.

If it does not then please check the end of the flipper shaft, is it broken?

This example shows the end of a shaft broken off and inside the jog wheel. The shaft should protrude from the metal housing.


If you also update the printer firmware then the latest version will actually initialise the flipper itself:

Prima 4 Firmware

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