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Flipper or Flip Mech Issues error code 4:07 / 04:09

The most common reason for these error codes is if the card has slipped on the main print roller during the printing process.  So the cause is likely to be a dirty print roller, as opposed to an actual problem with the flipper. 

First, please ensure that your main print roller is perfectly clean, see the info in the link below for this before continuing below:

Once you are sure the main print roller is perfectly clean you can calibrate your printer by following the Instructions below: 

*You must have the latest firmware.

  1. Take your film out and close the lid. 
  2. Leave one card in the hopper. 
  3. Press and hold the right Menu button till the option change. 
  4. Select Soak Test
  5. Select Soak Printer 
  6. Let the printer Run the Soak Printer Routine for approx 1 minute. 
  7. Press and hold the Cancel button. (this will stop the routine and eject the card)
  8. Reload the film and cards
  9. Test 🙂