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Error 02:00 | Out of Cards

In nearly all cases this error will be raised because the rear feed roller requires a thorough clean.

Please follow the cleaning routine as per the videos below.
Pay particular attention to the Manual Cleaning section: 1m:25s for Enduro | 1m:45s for Rio Pro.
This demonstrates a thorough manual cleaning technique which will fix nearly all card feed issues:

If the issue remains:
  • Remove the card hopper
  • Pop the lid slightly open (not all the way – just not clicked shut)
  • Press Menu
  • Choose Move Card
  • Pressing the UP arrow button will rotate the feed roller also (Note: it will not rotate forwards in this mode – only backwards)
  • Can you hear the motor?
  • Can you see the roller rotate?
Anything untoward, please raise a support case to inform Technical Support.

If you are unable to view the video the document below explains the manual cleaning for the card feed roller, or download this as a PDF below: