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Cards jamming in flipper mechanism

This could mean the flipper angle needs to be adjusted.
  1. First make sure you have the latest firmware installed on the printer.

  2. Make sure you have cleaned the printer rollers well.

    • The most common reason for an issue like this is dirty rollers where the card slips and fails to fully enter the flipper in time.
      So please do follow your printers cleaning routine, especially the manual roller cleaning section, before making any adjustments below.
For both of the steps above Click here to open the main support page printer selection in a new tab,
– navigate to your printers Firmware and follow the steps there…
– Then proceed to your printers cleaning section.
– You can then return here when you have updated your firmware.
See also:

Insure that the right front card guide is seated all the way down.

Just push it down with a finger to check.
It is only likely to be raised up out of position following a card jam where the card has then been manually lifted up and out.
Worth a check though while you are there 🙂

To adjust the flipper setting follow the steps below:

  1.  Install the ID Card Printer Support Utility
  2.  Open the utility and select the port from the drop down list that you are using to connect with the printer and click OK on the splash screen.
  3.  Go to the Statistics and Commands tab.
  4.  In the quick command line type:
    • FLP1615

    • Then click send.
  5.  Try another print to see if the issue is now resolved.
  6.  If it is not, go back to the quick command line and type FLP1600. then click send.
  7. Try another print…

If the issue is still not resolved please contact Technical Support.