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Can’t Find Panel Error Code 11:00


Error 11:00 indicates that the printer struggled to detect the dye film panels.

The Rio Pro dye film LED's can be re-calibrated following the steps below.



Before calibrating the sensors, please ensure the Firmware is up to date.


Also check that the CPLD version is v3.00, the calibration is only carried out on later main controller PCB's on v3.00:  (if yours is older your printer may require repair – contact support) 

CPLD Version



  • Open the lid.
  • Remove the dye film.
  • Close the lid.
  • Remove the rear card hopper.


  • Press and hold Menu button until the maintenance menu is displayed.
  • Choose Soak Test -> Soak Printer

Maintenance Menu Rio Pro


  • Your printer will reboot and then show ‘Calibrating’.   (Only if CPLD Version= v3.00.  Found in Menu > Info > CPLD)
  • At 100% it will attempt to feed a card, just let it time out then press Cancel to the 02:00 'out of cards' message.
  • Reload film and cards and try printing again… Maybe try the built in Test Card from the Menu first.


 OK    Carry on with life smile
 NOT OK    Carry on below…



Check the Dye LED's:

  • With the Lid Closed, Press and Hold Menu
  • Choose Sensor Test
  • Then scroll down and select Dye sensor


Dye Sensor Test


  • If any of the values or much lower then the others and LED could have possibly failed?




With Dye Sensor selected as per above open the lid and inside the middle of the printer you should see all 3 LED's illuminated:

Dye LED Image


If any of these are not illuminated you will require repair, contact Technical Support.