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Error 24:24 is raised when feeding a card from the hopper if the printer sees the mid sensor block before the rear one does.  This can mean either the Mid Sensor is ‘blocked’, or the Rear sensor never blocks.

Check there is not a card stuck inside the printer, or any other foreign object.

If your printer is not cleaned as recommended (every dye film change) or is an older printer then dust or card debris could have obscured a card sensor, example below:


First: Clean…


Perform a cleaning routine as per the link below.

If the issue remains after cleaning or returns later then follow the steps below to manually clean and manually test the sensors:

Manual Cleaning of the Rear Sensor:

  1. Open lid & remove dye film
  2. Remove the Blue Sticky Roller
  3. Remove the Orange Tacky Roller
  4. The Rear Sensor is now visible and using air, or a soft brush manually clean the sensor.


 LINK:  Video for Rear Sensor access




Manual Cleaning of the Middle Sensor:


The Middle Sensor is hidden below the Dye LED Housing, this can be removed carefully to gain better access to the Mid Sensor:

As per rear sensor, clean with air / soft brush.

Refit the LED housing in reverse order.



LINK:  Video for Middle Sensor access





Testing the Middle & Rear Sensors:

  • – Clear the error (unplug power lead > plug back in. Also clear any jobs from the print queue)
  • – Press and hold Menu to enter Maintenance Menu
  • – Select Sensor Test > Mid Sensor

The printers display will now show:

Mid Sensor = O or X

O = Not Triggered
X = Triggered

It should be O as after restarting the printer there should be no card inside

If there is a card or foreign object blocking the sensor, then will it be = X

You can also manually place a card into the sensor to test it by moving the card in ( = X ) and out ( = O ) of the Sensor:

And the Rear Sensor:
This error could also occur if the rear sensor never triggered, and so the mid one correctly triggered before the rear – if the rear sensor was faulty and never = 0.

If you confirm the sensor does not behave as expected, please contact Magicard Technical Support.

You can also check your printer warranty status here

It would also be beneficial to provide us a Printer Query File when you contact Support, either attached to your web case or emailed to us:
How to Obtain a Printer Query File