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Pronto Cleaning Roller Assembly

– Each of these parts must be fitted. 

– They will clean the cards on entry to the printer. 

– This will maintain the printing quality and protect against damage, and printhead damage, from dirt ingress on the cards. 

⚠️ Ensure you pull the yellow tab to remove the protective white tape off the blue sticky roller

⚠️ Keep the metal shaft when discarding the old blue roller!




Part Numbers

Printer Roller Cleaning Kit  (5 sleeves & 1 metal shaft)

One new Blue sticky cleaning roller (3633-0187) will be provided inside the box with every new genuine Magicard Dye Film.

You can also re-order a pack of 5 cleaning rollers including 1 metal shaft from your Magicard Supplier.

Part Number: 3633-0054

Orange Tacky Roller

Part Number: 3633-0185

Metal Shaft

Part Number: 3633-0186-001


NOTE – You can only purchase items from Magicard official suppliers, we do not sell directly.   For any parts please enquire with your Magicard supplier.


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