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How to Create and install a Digital Custom HoloKote

Please use the reference in the downloads section at the bottom of this page for your specific printer on how to install digital Custom HoloKote for Magicard printers.

*Note – for Magicard 300 and 600 please refer to the Rio Pro 360 Guide, thank you.

The full ‘Feature Key’ ordering process is summarised in this infographic:


The entire custom holokote process can be divided into 3 steps:


Guide to creating a good custom HoloKote


When your Holokote file is succesfully submitted and our security checks are complete we will instruct the original vendor of your printer to contact you and complete the payment transaction.

You can check on the status of each feature key in the Holokote menu and Feature Key menu of your Support Account

Once we have received payment confirmation from your vendor you will receive notification via email that your feature key is ready for download along with a link to this page for installation instructions to your printer, below.

Installing Custom HoloKote®

  1. Open your printer driver via Control Panel > Devices and Printers
  2. Right Click your printers icon > choose ‘Printing Preferences’
  3. In your Driver select Printer Upgrades > Holokote > Manage Holokote

The image below shows ‘at a glance’ the installation process…

Offline Holokote

If you have already downloaded your Holokote File from your Support Account navigate to it from here to add it into the available panel on the right.
Or if your printers PC is not connected to the internet you can use a different online computer to log into your Magicard support account and download your purchased Holokote file, then transfer it over to your printers PC.

Choose a Slot

Your printers ‘Holokote Slots’ are listed in the left panel.  Select which slot you wish to add your custom holokote into.

Use the  [<<]  button to move your available holokote [from the right panel] over to the selected printers slot [on the left panel]

Once selected, click OK.

How can I restore the original default holokote?

You can download a .zip file containing all the factory default holokote files for your specific printer model and restore them with the procedure above.
> Simply navigate to your printers section of this website, then the Holokote sub-section.  Or begin typing ‘Default HoloKotes’ in the search to find the page.