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Cleaning Roller Assembly

This page is relevant for Magicard direct-to-card printers, except Pronto.

The cleaning rollers are an integral and crucial part of your printer to clean the card surface upon entry and protect against:

– dirt/dust/foreign object ingress.

– damage and potential printhead damage.

Therefore keeping your printer in perfect working condition.



There are 2 cleaning rollers in your printer that work together:

Orange Tacky Roller

Cleans the card surface upon entry from the rear feed hopper.

It lives inside the printer at the back beneath the blue sticky roller.
The orange roller below shown in the correct position:

Blue Sticky Roller


Dirt/dust/debris is transferred from the orange tacky roller to the blue sticky roller.

– The blue roller ‘stores’ the dirt/debris until replacement.

👉  A New blue roller is supplied with Every new genuine Magicard Dye Film.

⚠️  Just remember not to discard the metal shaft along with the old roller!

How to fit the blue sticky roller

  1. Prepare the cleaning roller.
  2. Open the printer lid.
  3. Pull out the unused cleaning roller.
  5. Place the new cleaning roller back into printer.
  6. Peel off white protective layer with the yellow tab carefully to reveal tacky surface.



The video below (for Rio Pro 360) is relevant to all Rio Pro family and Enduro family printers for installing the blue cleaning roller:


See also the cleaning video for your specific model both in its section on this website and also on our YouTube channel:

Part Numbers

Printer Roller Cleaning Kit  (5 sleeves & 1 metal shaft)

One new Blue sticky cleaning roller (3633-0187) will be provided inside the box with every new genuine Magicard Dye Film.

You can also re-order a pack of 5 cleaning rollers including 1 metal shaft from your Magicard Supplier.

Part Number: 3633-0054

Orange Tacky Roller

Part Number: 3633-0185

Metal Shaft

Part Number: 3633-0186-001


NOTE – You can only purchase items from Magicard official suppliers, we do not sell directly.   For any parts please enquire with your Magicard supplier.



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