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Trust ID (v3) | Activation issues


Trust ID (v3) has now been deprecated

  1. Recently we’ve had reports of Trust ID (Version 3) requiring re-activation following a Windows Update.
  2. There also is a know activation bug where the software cannot automatically update and so requires the manual activation option instead.

New release 3.0.94 will address these issues, however this release is not part of the automatic update check when Trust ID is opened, so please follow the steps below to remove the current installed version and install Trust ID v3.0.94:

  • First you must uninstall your current version of Trust ID
  • Your existing project/s will not be affected.


  • Download and install the latest version of Trust ID (Version 3.0.94) from the link below:

  • Activate Trust ID with your Trust ID Licence Key.

Your licence key will be in the following format:  1234-5678-9876-5432