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Problems with photo quality in Grosvenor Software

When printing from Grosvenor Technologies Software (all variants) photos can look very pixilated, saturated or generally very low compressed.

Importantly, the other colour elements of the card design print fine.
You will need to turn the “Sharpening” feature off in the Magicard Printer Settings.
Step One) – Close the Grosvenor Technologies Software Application.
Step Two) – Choose “Control Panel” and “Printer & Faxes”.
Step Three) – Right click on the Magicard Printer instance and select “Printing Preferences”.
Step Four) – Select the “Image” or “Advanced” tab depending on the Driver version.
Step Five) – Reduce the “Image Sharpening” slider from “0” to “-2” and save the settings.
Step Six) – Re-launch the software and re-test.