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Written By john.fieldsend

*This information is correct as of Windows Driver Version
(Release Date: 22/05/2023)

Driver Language

The driver will inherit the language from your PC’s system language.

The language is inherited in this order:

Windows Operating System ↴
Magicard Printer Driver ↴
Magicard Printer

You can however manually change it :

  1. Navigate to:
    C:\Program Files\id Card Printer Support\support
  2. Right click lang.reg and choose open with and select any text editor
    (like Notepad, or Notepad++, or VS Code.. etc.)
  3. Set the last 3 digits to your required language in “dword” at the top:  809 = English.


Ref the table below for the lang.reg file contents and the Language dword values to enter:

lang.reg file contents Language dword
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Magicard Ltd.]
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Magicard Ltd.\Lang]

“LANGID-German”=dword:00000809  👈 set this one

German 407
Romanian 418
Polish 415
Japanese 411
Greek 408
Danish 406
French 40c
Italian 410
Spanish 40a
Portuguese 816
English 809
Korean 412
Russian 419
Turkish 41f
Arabic 401
USA 409


  • Then Save and Close the file.
  • To implement the changes you just configured Double-Click the lang.reg file.
    This will run the .reg file and apply the settings.
  • Click Yes to allow changes:

  • Then you will receive confirmation:


You have now set your required Driver Language 🙌


Printer Display Language

Your Magicard Printer will inherit it’s language from the printer driver, when a print job is received.

It can also be changed using a Quick Command from:

  • ID Card Printer Support Utility ❐  (for Generation 1 printers Only, Rio Pro, Enduro, Pronto)
  • Or from the Tools Tab in the driver’s Printer Properties (within the latest versions of the driver).
  • In the Quick Commands box type the following:


    LNG = LaNGuage

    Followed by your desired country’s designated digit from the chart below.

    LNG0 = English, in the example above.

    The available languages (for the printer’s display) are:

    English 0
    Portuguese 1
    French 2
    German 3
    Spanish 4
    Italian 5
    Polish 6
    Romanian 7


⚠️ The printer will still inherit the language from the Driver upon the very next print job sent.


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