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Light or Faint Printing

First ,make sure you have the correct Power Supply connected to your printer. Incorrect PSU may result in incorrect voltage to produce desired print quality, can cause errors (16:00 Cant lift head commonly), and invalidate your printers warranty.

The PSU must be exactly as shown below:

Rio Pro 

DC Output: 24V 3.75A

image of PSU

Enduro+, Enduro3e and Pronto


DC Output: 24V 2.5A

image of PSU

If the PSU is definitely correct: 

– Plug the PSU into to a different power strip or power outlet. Sometimes the power strip or outlet might not be gibing sufficient voltage or amps.

– Print the built-in Test Card and/or print one of the Windows Sample Pictures from your PC's Pictures Folder. 

– How did these print? This will show if the issue is printer related (print same), or software (printed OK).

If required you can adjust the YMC Printhead Power via the driver (ensure to close your software first and re-open after, to ensure the changes get picked up if you do this via Printer Preferences from Devices and Printers):