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Light or Faint Printing

Faint or very lightly printed cards are most often caused when the incorrect Power Supply has been connected to the printer.

Q. Did you recently move office or move the printer and PC?

In our experience most cases for this error result from an office/desk move where the wrong power supply has been connected to the printer in error.
(There could be other reasons but they can only be investigated once the correct PSU has been confirmed and connected – which will resolve the issue immediately)

Connecting an incorrect PSU may result in incorrect voltage to produce desired print quality
Can cause other errors (16:00 Cant lift head commonly)
And can invalidate your printers warranty.

Your Magicard printer must only be used with the correct Power Supply.
Please see the details below to identify the correct PSU for your printer:


The PSU must be exactly as shown below:

Correct PSU Power Supply



My PSU is correct, what next?

Only if you are 100% sure the PSU is correct…


– Confirm that you are printing onto fresh cards.  Open a new pack just to be sure.


– Print the built-in Test Card and/or print one of the Windows Sample Pictures from your PC’s Pictures Folder.


– How did these print? This will show if the issue is printer related (still printing light/faint), or maybe your badging application (test / sample photo printed OK) > Check you application settings.


– Plug the PSU into to a different power strip or power outlet. Sometimes the power strip or outlet might not be giving sufficient voltage or amps. Try a ring main with no other electrical devices running.

If required you can adjust the YMC Printhead Power via the driver:

*Ensure to close your badging application first and re-open afterwards,  ensuring the changes get picked up in the application.

  1. Control Panel
  2. Devices and Printers
  3. Right click your printers icon and choose Printing Preferences
  4. in the Image tab
  5. select Options in Printhead Power section:
    • Adjust the slider accordingly

*Please only make small adjustments and stay away from Max.
This setting is is intended for small adjustments only and will not correct an extremely faint print if the PSU is not correct, or the head has damage.

If your printer is a Very old enduro double check the printhead support plates for any cracks or breakage as shown below:

Click image to view full size

Still having an issue?

You can check your printers warranty status by entering your serial number on the support home page, here:


If your printer is still in warranty please contact Technical Support.

If your warranty has expired then we can still help and you can check which products are still available for Magicard Out of Warranty Repairs here.

You may also find your original supplier can assist you if they are more local to you – either with repair or replacement.