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Out of Dye Film Error 08:09

08:09 error means the printer knows the the dye film is turning but struggling to see the color panels of the film. This error is usually related to film sticking to the card or a roller.
Make sure your card stock is off good quality,printable and with in the printers specs which is 20 mil to 45 mil. in thickness.
Clean the printer rollers thoroughly and do a manual cleaning of the rollers. Watch the cleaning video . The manual cleaning procedure is shown towards the end of the video. 

The Rio Pro dye film sensors can be calibrated following the steps below.

Before calibrating the sensors, please ensure the Firmware is up to date.

Follow the Soak Routine/Calibration instructions Exactly:

1) Remove the Dye Film and close the lid, the printer will initialise

2) Load one (1) card only into the rear hopper

3) Press & hold MENU until the options change

4) Choose > Soak Test > Soak Printer

The printer will initialise again and then show 'calibrating' on the display (*depending on printer age, if its an older model you wont see this), then it will feed in the single card and transport it back and forth.

Soak Test will run for about 10 minutes and ends by ejecting the blank card, this means your printer is fine. Now Reload your film and print again to test.

If any errors are raised during the Soak Test please contact Technical Support.