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Cleaning the Pronto 100

Here’s info on cleaning your Pronto 100 and keeping it in great working order.
We recommend to follow this process at every dye film change.

Please also see this info in your Pronto 100 User Manual, page 24:


Cleaning Procedure

  1. Remove Dye Film
  2. With the lid open, press twice on the power button in quick succession to begin a cleaning routine.
  3. Insert the cleaning card when prompted.
    Once the cycle is complete, we recommended repeating once more with the other (clean side) of the cleaning card to maximise cleaning effect.


Using the Cleaning Pen

Simply run the tip of the pen across the print face several times as shown in the diagram below.

Once clean, do not touch the printhead surface!



Re-load your Dye Film

You can now install your dye film and carry on printing!