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CAN’T LIFT HEAD– Check printer mechanism.

This error indicates that the printhead CAM mechanism was unable to raise the printhead. 

It is commonly seen where the wrong PSU has been used. 
Have you moved your printer or office around lately?

Double check the following info on the label of the PSU:

Pronto / Enduro / Enduro+ / Enduro3E

SUNPOWER is written at the top
-sliver label – black text
-DC OUTPUT is exactly: 24V 2.5A


SUNPOWER is written at the top
(black label – silver text)
DC OUTPUT is exactly: 24V 3.75A

Using an incorrect PSU can damage your printer and also invalidate the printers warranty.

If however, the correct power supply is being used then it possible there is a sensor or motor issue so please contact Technical Support